OLG winners – special caste of lucky beggars

OLG winners – the happiest lotto winners in Canada

OLG is the biggest Canadian Company that provides own population with an extensive set of hazard games, acting under the law. Anyone who will take the trouble can easily choose the variant of gambling from the list below.

  • Lottery tickets. This branch has the biggest quantity of OLG winners, including OLG Bingo winners.
  • Slots.
  • Poker.
  • Blackjack.
  • Online Bingo.
  • Sports bets.
  • Some other games of fortune and chance.

In spite of the variety of games to check own luck, the most popular of them are still OLG lotteries.

  • LOTTO MAX. The minimal price is 5 USD. The ticket consists of 3 lines with 7 numbers in each of them. The jackpot starts from 10 000 000 USD and can go up to 70 000 000 USD. Draws are held on Tuesdays and Fridays weekly.
  • LOTTO 6/49. Every ticket costs 3 USD, and the main goal is to guess right 6 numbers of 49. The main jackpot starts from 5 000 000 USD and doesn’t have limit up. Draws take part every Wednesday and Saturday.
  • LOTTARIO. A ticket costs 1 USD and contains 2 sets with 6 numbers in each. It’s necessary to guess the numbers from 45 possible variants. Starting jackpot is 250 000 USD and is growing till the winner will appear. Draws are held on Saturdays.
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OLG casino’s most fortunate people

OLG has a very advanced slots and table games system. And many different casinos constitute a part of this huge Corporation. Gambling sources are popular not only because of available games, but thanks to OLG winners circle loyalty program. Its essence is in providing gamblers with different gifts for constant playing and winning. For instance, winners circle rewards OLG imply cash back, gaming credits, discounts and many other useful and pleasant presents.

The history of various OLG casinos has many lucky stories, when regular Canadians became millionaire with the help of slots and table games. Thus, 1 101 989 USD were won in Sault Ste OLG Casino. It’s a fantastic case, but everybody has a chance to fill own pockets with thousands of USD. And let the sums can be much lower, but it’s also terrific. A lady Shirley Lima is ready to stand by every word, as she won 33 858 USD in Thousand Islands OLG Casino by pushing a button only twice. One more happy story is about Western Fair in Toronto, when a woman won 557 221 USD, playing Bally Quarter Million Progressive.

And there are many such stories. Besides, most of the winners prefer not to announce personal stroke of luck.

The “data base” of OLG winners

All curious people can easily find the information about fortunate souls floating around the Internet. Some rubbernecks are looking for the latest update to rejoice for winners. Others do it in envy of luckies. The most detailed and official information is published on the following websites – https://lottery.olg.ca/en-ca/winners and https://about.olg.ca/players/winners/major-winners/. So, everybody is welcome and try your own to be on these websites.

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