online slots best time to play

Online slots — best time to play in Canada

If you ask an astrologist about the best time to gamble, he will make you a horoscope, or a so-called natal chart. It will show you the picture of possible events that are waiting for you at the nearest times. Calculating the major aspects that make Sun, Moon, and your planets and their transits, he will give you the recommendations. For example, he will tell you something like: “When you choose online slots — best time to play is on Friday, at 4 PM”. Good, if you can follow the advice of the guy, but what if you are busy exactly at this time? In this case, listen to the experts in gambling.

Online slots: best time to play for Canadians

As soon as the slots form combinations randomly, it is easy to guess that time of the day or a year have no meaning when you gamble. Only luck plays a great role (plus your experience). Meanwhile, those, who are “boiling” in a “gambling pot” for a long time, say that you should better visit sites with the best casino slots…in summer. This phenomenon is explained easily — in summer, people think about active leisure, they do not like to stay online for long.

Therefore, casinos are very generous with summer bonuses. Some of these offers come without a wager. Nevertheless, the time of the year does not affect the slot RTP. If you pick games with high RTP, you have more chances to win the desired prize. There might be not big sums, but small awards are also very pleasant.

Jackpot — will you have a bigger chance to hit it at night?

Internet casinos are mostly visited between 8 PM and 2 AM. This is the statistics. Meanwhile, it does not affect the possibility and the chance to hit a jackpot. Everything depends on the time, where the casino gets money used in the game (slots). Thus, to understand which time is “yours” it is better to try video games at internet casinos for free — the best online slots Canada users do it regularly.

online slots best time to play in Canada

Progressive jackpots are another pair of shoes. The game “mechanism” is created to collect the sum of the main prize. When you understand that no one won the largest prize for months (or even for years), it is worth trying to play it. Remember only that jackpots are mostly paid for highrollers.

The most interesting jackpot slots you can play in Canada include:

  • Mega Moolah;
  • Funky Fruits;
  • Mega Fortune;
  • Jackpot Giant;
  • Aztecs Millions;
  • Millionaire Genie, and so on.

Mega Moolah biggest prize reached over 18 million dollars in 2018. The name of the winner was hidden (for evident reasons). Therefore, you have all chances to become the next multi-millionaire.

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