What is poker lotto: rules, wins, odds etc

How to play poker lotto

If you like card games and big wins, but poker is to complicated for you, poker lotto is something you definitely have to try. It offers you big rewards for card combinations and absolutely no skills required. Let’s now find out how to get a win.

Poker lotto Basic rules

The game itself is simple. There are several steps that might lead you to your reward:

  1. Buy a ticket. You can add All In option to increase possible rewards.
  2. Check whether you’re a poker lotto instant winner on the screen of lottery terminal.
  3. Wait for the nightly draw to see whether you’ll get a prize.
  4. Claim your rewards from ticket provider.

If we talk about instant wins, your poker lotto prize depends on the combination that will appear on the screen of the terminal. It starts from about $2 for a pair of Jacks and brings you $10 000 for Royal Flush. As for All In option, it allows you to get much better poker lotto results. The best prize is 100% of increasing progressive jackpot.

Poker lotto nightly draw

This is a second chance to win money with your poker lotto ticket. A nightly draw will show whether you’ve won one of rewards available. You don’t need any combinations here. The purpose is to have the same cards as were drawn. If you’ve got 5 poker lotto winning numbers, the prize is 100 000$. The minimum amount of matching cards for a win is 2.

You should know that you can claim your instant reward immediately and then get a new ticket printed with the same poker lotto numbers for the nightly draw. All the results in the instant and draw rounds have certain odds. Here are some of them:

  • Royal Flush – 1 to 649 740;
  • Straight Flush – 1 to 72 193;
  • 4 of a Kind – 1 to 4 165;
  • 5 cards match – 1 to 2 598 960;
  • 4 similar cards – 1 to 11 059;
  • 3 cards match – 1 to 240.

It’s crucial to choose a good ticket provider before you’ll buy some. It should be a trustworthy lottery which offers big rewards and fair results. OLG poker lotto is definitely one of them. Go to their website to learn more. You’ll find a lot of useful information on the game there, as well as real examples of big wins.

They’ll also answer all your questions on the topic and tell you where to buy the ticket. The only thing left then is to purchase one and to check whether you’re lucky to get a prize.

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