Try your luck at Poker Lotto Alberta

Double win at Poker Lotto Alberta

Recently, special poker lotteries have quite successfully begun their debut in the provinces of Canada. Now, a large number of fans of this card game absolutely do not need to be an expert on the intricacies of the game, because everyone who buys a lottery ticket will be able to participate in instant winnings at Poker Lotto Alberta, and then claim to be successful at nightly draw.

Thus, the lucky holder of a special ticket can feel the joy of victory twice and replenish their family budget by receiving up to $ 10,000 at the time of purchase and up to $ 100,000 if at least two of the five cards shown coincide during nightly draw. Surely every player will enjoy such a joyful prospect.

The developers of Lotto Poker Alberta managed to achieve an advantageous combination of two game elements – instant win during the printing of a combination of five cards, as well as a happy coincidence of the cards depicted with the cards played at night. This fact increases the popularity of the lottery among a large audience of players, since it does not require special skills, and the result depends on a happy occasion.

Also positive is the fact that the draws take place every day of the week, and tickets are easy to purchase at any Alberta outlet, as well as at specialized terminals and sites on the Internet. In addition to cash prizes, other interesting prizes are provided here.

Poker Lotto Alberta rules

Instead of winning numbers, the Lotto Poker Alberta ticket features five playing cards that can form any winning combination. Here are the rules of this game:

  1. Poker Lotto Alberta tickets are available at a quick pick. Cards that instantly appear here are randomly generated, so the player is not involved in the process.
  2. If a player is familiar with the game, then they will immediately know if their combination is an instant gain. All instant winnings are displayed on the screen, and the prize won will be printed on the ticket.
  3. The night lottery draw takes place on a computer using a random number generator. If the rank and suit matches 2, 3, 4 or 5 cards, the combination is considered winning. In the case of three or fewer tickets, where 5 out of 5 matches, then each winner will get $ 100,000. If there are more than three winning tickets in one draw, then each winner will receive an equal share of $ 300,000.
  4. Any participant in the drawing has the right to one instant win and once in the night draw procedure, which represent two chances in one ticket.
  5. After drawing an instant prize, a new (substitute) ticket is printed out automatically for the player, which is also valid for participating in night events. If the amount of the instant prize is up to $ 1,000, then the player can immediately get it from the seller, if they have such money.

As you can see, the rules are very simple and do not require special knowledge. Nevertheless, the game does not become less attractive from this.

What is the feature of the game?

Surely everyone who wants to buy a Poker Lotto Alberta ticket will be interested to know the following interesting points:

  • The ticket cost is $ 2, and the instant win amount is from 2 to 10 000 dollars;
  • The amount of prizes for the night draw varies from 2 to 100,000 dollars;
  • Ticket validation can be carried out on a specialized website on the Internet, through a developed mobile application available for iOS and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play Store;
  • If the amount won is from $ 1001 to $ 100,000, you can only get it personally by the winner, who will present the necessary documents.

Thus, for gambling people there is a great way to have a great time and win good money.

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